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Year 16 for Captain Phillips 

Year 16 for Captain Phillips 

The Sheffield Steelers are delighted to welcome back captain Jonathan Phillips for an incredible 16th season with the club.

Phillips holds the all-time appearance record for the Steelers having iced 905 times in Orange, he is also 6th in the all time points scoring charts having scored 170 goals and 457 points.

Where Phillips is untouchable is in the trophy’s he has lifted as the club captain, 4 league titles, 4 play off championships and a challenge cup. Phillips was also part of the 2014 play off championship side captained by Steven Goertzen.

“Jono coming back was an obvious one” said head coach Aaron Fox.  “He’s our leader on and off the ice here and as we have seen age is just a number to him.  His skating is still elite and the shape he keeps himself in I would put up there with anyone in the league.

“He will once again play a solid role for us and be a catalyst for our PK and give me options anywhere in our line up.  It’s great having him back and I know he will be a big voice in our room”

Jonathan Phillips

It might be the start of a 16th campaign but for Phillips he is as enthusiastic as any of those seasons before “I think as Foxy says, age is just a number to me. I know I’m in great shape physically and ready and able to go for more than just this forthcoming season. I will know before anyone else when the time is right and I’m not getting messages from the body that that is happening anytime soon

“I get up in the morning and want to go to the gym, want to work out and get stronger and faster. I’m excited to play, excited to lead us into another season.

“I like what Foxy is once again putting together and that’s a team that gives us a chance to compete every night and win.

Jonathan Phillips

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